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welcome to the first newsletter from Ostgut Ton label and booking. For a long time we resisted having any newsletter at all, all of us constantly have far too many emails in our inboxes already. Nevertheless we wanted to talk to all of you directly other than through Facebook and Twitter etc., and at the same time we have been thinking how to make it interesting for you to get our emails.

We promise not to write too often and to also tell you about things here that maybe you won’t hear about elsewhere. We will also feature exclusive bits just for you that will be only or first available to newsletter subscribers.

With our first issue we include a private link to puchase our first 12“ in the new LTD series which revisits classic Ostgut Ton material and is only available online directly and exclusively from, LTD 01 by
Dettmann | Klock will be added to our webshop some time next week—but you can already order (and prelisten) it now by clicking this link.

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Promote Diversity at BerghainHuman rights are not negotiable – or are they? Every day yet more news reaches us about state authorized oppression of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender people and their supporters in Russia. Since Putin ratified the new law against “homosexual propaganda” with full parliamentary support, not only the freedom of assembly and of the media is at risk but clearly also the life and integrity of human beings, that do not fit into the desired formula supported by the government.

Intolerance is not simply a territorial problem – but we would like to take recent developments in Russia as the mark to send out a clear signal with the “Promote Diversity” party. Equality and tolerance are basic values that the club and music scene has always supported. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the level of freedom we have achieved cannot be taken for granted, be it here or elsewhere. For this reason we will donate the entire admission charge of the “Promote Diversity” night to the globally active “All Out” organization. All Out was founded 2 years ago and has already conducted 50 campaigns to support LGBT rights in 18 different countries, Argentina, Bulgaria, Iraq, Nigeria, Russia and the Ukraine among them. With 1,7 million supporters worldwide All Out boasts a huge network and can be in the right place when urgent action is required and combine this with specific local knowledge. For more love and equality – here and everywhere!

“Promote Diversity” at Berghain & Panorama Bar, Thursday, 12 Aug 2013, exact opening times and line up are yet to be confirmed—watch our website for updates! In addition there will be simultaneous events throughout the weekend worldwide with Output (New York) and Harry Klein (Munich) already confirmed and many more to be added.

Find more information about “All Out”, how to get involved and how to donate on



Dettmann | Klock - Dawning / Dawning (Revisited) O-TON LTD 01Dawning / Dawning (Revisited) | 12"
O-TON LTD 01 | OUT 12 AUG 2013 | BUY

In the new LTD series long sold-out releases are revisited and re-issued in a new form as one-off limited editions. Selected for the first release is a key track in the Ostgut Ton catalog from the very first vinyl release on the label by Dettmann | Klock.

The A-Side from O-TON 01 “Dawning” has been a main stay on many floors over the years, the stirring melodies of this warm, deep techno track created a kind of template for what an Ostgut Ton record could be. The A-side is backed here by it’s sister track “Dawning (Revisited)” which originally formed the D-side of the second, also sold-out Dettmann | Klock release “Scenario” (O-TON 11). The translucent white vinyl 12“ is housed in a newly designed sleeve with a die-cut center in the recognizable “O” shape of the labels logo and Ostgut Ton’s emblematic letters are empossed in the characteristic, light grey carton.

Tracklisting (Vinyl):
A Dawning | B Dawning (Revisited)

Available as limited 12" vinyl.


Kobosil - - ----- U-TON 05- ----- | 12" EP / DIGITAL
U-TON 05 | OUT 02 SEP 2013

Kobosil offers up the fifth release on Ostgut Ton’s sister label Unterton. After his self released debut EP “-------” a signature sound becomes apparent on the equally obscure titled “- -----” second EP, a style that places him somewhere between noise, techno and the verve for sobriety. The opening track merely insinuates futurism, through its cadence with analog connotations “Contact” places itself firmly between years past and tomorrow.

The throbbing, psychedelic sci-fi theme of “Aggregate”, as well as “Osmium” with it’s emphatic, steadily rising synth-line, may be declared as purist techno, if the brooding character apparent in Kobosil’s productions falls below the decks. The EP concludes with “Herschel” in a decelerating instruction for a through space drifting ambient track that grants access at the same time as underlining what constitutes Kobosil’s music: singularity.

Tracklisting (Vinyl):
A1 Contact | A2 Aggregate | B1 Osmium | B2 Herschel

Available as 12“ vinyl and download.


Marcel Dettmann - Dettmann II | OSTGUTCD28/LP14 Dettmann II | 2xLP / CD / DIGITAL
OSTGUTCD28 / LP14 | OUT 16 SEP 2013

One of the most reliable names in techno and arguably Berghain’s most prominent face, Marcel Dettmann has already once accomplished the difficult task of translating his pared-back techno sound to the album format. His debut self-titled album, released back in 2010, comprised 12 sculptures of obdurate stone and steel aimed at a pair of good headphones as much as they were a dance floor. They showed a producer as adept at intricate sound design as he was rocking the world’s best club.

Since then, Dettmann has released another acclaimed mix CD and a string of singles which had him move away from that LP’s tough textures and into everything from liquid ambient to the catchiest music of his career. But then there’s “Dettmann II”. A sequel in a true sense, the album marks a return to the spirit of the first album, but things feel less tense this time around. Dettmann brings his recent experimental outlook and applies it to the album template, creating a record that lives and breathes with a naturalism rare for a techno album. Expertly paced, “Dettmann II” impresses especially with its carefully rising narrative.

Tracklisting (Vinyl):
A1 Arise | A2 Throb | ​A3 Ductil | ​B1 Shiver | ​B2 Lightworks | ​B3 Soar | ​C1 Outback | ​C2 Seduction feat. Emika (Vinyl Version) | ​C3 Radar | D1 Corridor | ​​D2 Stranger | ​D3 Aim

Available as double 12" vinyl, CD and download.


Various OTON70Various | 2x12" EP / DIGITAL
O-TON 70 | OUT 30 SEP 2013

When Ostgut Ton released it’s first compilation “Fünf” in 2011 to mark the 5 year anniversary of the label, it was a huge undertaking featuring 23 artists on 7 pieces of vinyl in a boxed set. The sound approach to include field recordings made inside the Berghain building in all recordings was ambitious but suited the signature production aesthetics of the Ostgut Ton artists perfectly. After the success of “Fünf”a new compilation on Ostgut Ton had to take a different approach.

With “Various” Ostgut Ton offered a space for the artists to release tracks a little off-center from their known production styles, the result is a double 12inch with 8 different Ostgut Ton artists creating a journey through ambient electro styles to mellow techno grooves. All brought together by careful compilation and mastering that creates a unified whole, spread over 4 sides of vinyl, housed in a luscious gatefold sleeve.

Tracklisting (Vinyl):
A1 Barker & Baumecker - Meiose | A2 Fiedel - Grunewald2 | B1 Tobias. - Dark & Troubling Things | B2 Rolando - Neglected | C1 DIN - You Are | C2 Virginia - Pulse | D1 Crushed Soul - Shades | D2 Function - Golden Dawn feat. Stefanie Parnow

Available as double 12" vinyl and download.


Marcel Fengler Fokus OSTGUTCD27/LP13Nick Höppner Red Hook Soil EP O-TON 69Ryan Elliott Stepmode EP O-TON 68


Ostgut Ton Nacht, August 10th, 2013

This Saturday, 10 Aug 2013, we are looking forward to the OSTGUT TON NACHT at Berghain/Panorama Bar, with Ostgut Ton artists playing all Saturday night and Sunday, we hope to see you there!


Marcel Fengler Tour Dates

Following the release of Marcel Fengler’s debut album “Fokus”, he is touring extensively throughout Europe and Japan in the next months, after that there will be dates in USA, Canada and a short South America tour is also planned towards the end of the year.

Ostgut Ton’s only festival showcase this year will be at the Dimensions Festival, Sunday 08 Aug 2013, the line up for this: Ben Klock | Steffi | Function | Norman Nodge | Barker

Sun 20 Oct 2013, line up tba, location tba, this is all we can tell you about this for now.

A complete list of upcoming Ostgut Ton artist dates can be found on their individual artist pages at Ostgut Booking or on the Dates page.

Thanks for your time. We wish you all a wonderful summer, keep listening and stay on the dancefloor!

- Ostgut Ton out -

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